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Secure payment

The HORSPIST® site is fully secure and has SSL encryption. This encryption helps secure your data.

Payments are not made directly on the HORSPIST® website, but you will be automatically redirected to the payment site of the selected medium, which has maximum and recognized security. No payment data (credit card number, PayPal account, password other than your HORSPIST® account) is stored on our website. It is therefore impossible for us to make a payment without your consent.

We use two completely secure payment methods. You have the option to choose your method of payment under the following conditions:

Payment by credit card: PayPlug

Available for France and Europe

You can use your credit card directly by entering the card number, expiration date and security encryption on the back of your card. The total amount to be paid is clearly indicated.

The 3D-Secure system is automatically enabled for ALL payments without minimum purchase. You will be asked to confirm your payment by means of a validation code or other system provided by your bank in order to identify you and that your card can not be used without your knowledge.

A payment by phone (ordering on the phone) is possible with your agreement, you will then have to communicate to one of our agents online, the information concerning your card of payment. You will have a 3D-Secure validation which will confirm the amount and you will have all information regarding the payment. Thanks to the 3D-Secure system, no other payment can be made without your agreement.

If you would like more information about this payment method, please visit this page.


Available in France and around the world

PayPal is a very secure payment method known worldwide. It allows to pay with a credit card but also to create an account that will serve for all your future payments with PayPal without needing to re-enter the information of your card.

As a security measure for you and for us, we have set up manual payment validation. An agent will have to verify your order before validating your payment. If your account does not conform to PayPal's merchant protection conditions, your payment will be canceled and no fees will be charged. You will need to validate your PayPal account or use another payment method if available.

If you would like more information about this payment method, please visit this page.